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To make up for the non-lighthouse, and the lack of posts in general recently, here’s the updated lighthouse from the recent RealMyst Masterpiece Edition. I didn’t post about it at launch because I wanted them to have time to patch out the first round of bugs, but they’ve updated it since then and it’s pretty good. I recommend playing with the Classic Mode controls because the FPS controls are pretty weird.


Notable Lighthouse-having game Fez is part of the incredible Humble Indie Bundle 11:

Also if you flip over to the Weekly Sale, they’re featuring a bundle of adventure games that spans a couple eras of gaming, including Dark Fall 2: Lights Out, which features a lighthouse on its cover:

I’d be very surprised if those were the only two lighthouse-related games on offer this week, so let me know if I’ve missed any. I haven’t played Aura but that looks like a lighthouse-haver if I’ve ever seen one. 

I think that thing on the cover of Aura might actually be a lighthouse of some kind.

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